About Rob

Professional certified life coach

Rob qualified and obtained his certifications from an internationally recognized organization,  ICF (International Coach Federation). He is  a Level 1 Certified Professional/Life Coach and Level 2 Master Certified Professional Coach.

International Coaching Federation Certified : Level 1
Certified Professional Life Coach
via Certified Life Coach Institute
International Coaching Federation Certified :  Level 2
Master Certified Life Coach
via Certified Life Coach Institute

Rob has traded up!

Rob is a newspaper columnist, speaker and a certified life coach focusing on those seeking to transform their lives in order to grow into the person they choose to be.  He believes that life is a journey, full of learnings; it is never too late to learn and better ourselves.

Before this, Rob spent 24 years on the corporate treadmill in the financial centres of London and Switzerland. One thing that baffled him was the discontentment amongst so many affluent people, people that, on the surface, appeared to have what many believed they wanted in life; wealth and security. During his latter years in the corporate world he, too, realised that he had been perceived as one of those ‘successful’ people. But, he remained unfulfilled and eluded by his perception of happiness. This led him on a mission to discover what really made people tick and, more importantly, what happiness, success and fulfilment really meant. he made one of the best, but hardest decisions of his life; to leave it all behind, be true to himself and seek out his real passion and purpose in life. Helping others to excel in life. He broke free from the shackles and, after much research and personal development training by two of London’s leading transformational  coaches, he eventually understood the amazing opportunities life had to offer. Following this path he discovered that there is a way to truly be more successful, happier and fulfilled in anything you do, be it a company director or a stay-at-home parent.

Rob has over 30 years’ experience in finance and global real estate investment. His coaching is also designed to help similar professionals make life changing transformational decisions as he did, in order to break free, become better versions of themselves and soar to new heights.

Transformational Coaching ‘Trading Up Life’

Rob’s transformational coaching will enable you to break free from what’s holding you back, understand and learn how to allow things to really start happening for you. It will enable you to develop the right mindset and align with who you really need to be in order  to make those life changing decisions.

The financial term ‘trading up’ resonates with Rob. Simply put, to acquire something of a higher value or quality. Rob has traded up his life and now has a passion for helping other people trade up theirs, aiding them to outperform their existing lives.

Rob’s transformational coaching programme, â€˜Trading Up Life’, helps find the answers, insights and, more importantly, the tools to break free from the old and start to allow life to work for you.

Whether it´s re-locating, changing career, considering retirement, following your passion etc, the answers are all within. Rob will help bridge the gap and connect you to your vision.

Transformation will lead you to a new beginning and change will bring new opportunities