Investing in yourself

Investing in yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Like any good investment, it will steadily grow over time adding value and yielding a healthy return. So, how about adding value and growth to your own life by making that wise decision to invest in you?

Understanding yourself and what you really want from life is the first step. Knowledge is powerful and having knowledge about yourself is self-empowering. Once you understand and know your own strengths and weaknesses, it will make your journey in life a lot clearer in order to progress.

We all possess strengths, weaknesses and skills but we’re not always aware of them, and therefore do not utilise our ability to harness our attributes to benefit ourselves and others.

So why not become your own superhero? Put on that invisible cape and soar to new heights!

Whatever your passion in life might be, sports, charity work, travel, career, you can always increase your learning and understanding to become more skilled at what you already know.

You can make a better use of your time by enhancing your existing skills, whatever they may be. Practice doesn’t make perfect but it does make progress and the more you enhance yourself in any field you will make that progress and start the self-investment process.

The time to start making changes in your life is NOW! Progress is impossible if you continue doing the same things. You will not see results until you decide to invest in you.

When most of us reach 35 of age, we are stuck in our ways and accept life and our abilities. We can live to an amazing age of 80 plus years, but effectively die much younger in terms of personal growth and what we are truly capable of.

Be aware of the use of the word “but”. This small disempowering word will stop you before you even begin. We hear it all the time, “I would love to change my job but…I would love to start my own business, travel, re-invent myself, contribute to others…but”. “But” will only ever hold you back from your true potential, so be mindful of what you are telling yourself and others.

The most difficult part about changing is making the choice to change and when you do start to implement change, you will be stepping out of your comfort zone which is where most people decide to stop as it’s unfamiliar territory.

They hit that invisible wall, simply turn around and go back to living an uncomfortable comfortableness and say to themselves, “well I tried…but”. Most people don’t know their true talents, what they’re capable of achieving and go through life always wondering “what if?” What if’s will eventually turn into regret so dig deep, be imaginative and decide what it is you want to change or achieve.

Now is the time. Start that investment in yourself NOW. Step up and look forward to the exciting rewards it will bring you. You will be so glad you did. In order to get what you want in life, you need to do what the majority of people are not willing to do, which is change for the better, invest in yourself and progress. It’s easy to do but it’s easier not to.

So, if you want to be a better version of you, resist the short term “but”, and focus on the longer term selff0investment and the yield it will produce. Education is key, and if you start preparing today, tomorrow will belong to you.