How successful are you?

How successful are you?

You are a lot more successful than you think.

Too many of us define success by status, wealth and our position in society, although these fall into the realms of success, it is not the true definition of success.

For example, those perceived as a success at business, can be unsuccessful as a parent, those perceived successful at earning money can be as unsuccessful at keeping or investing it.

When asked what we want in life, the answer is rather general; citing money, wealth, happiness and so forth. These are obvious conditions desired by most along with no real direction on how to achieve them, further amplifying the wrong perception of success.

Firstly, let me tell you what success is not. You cannot become successful due to the end result, you have to be successful from the outset. If your journey to success has caused upset, misery and deception to you and those around you, the end result will not give you the satisfaction that you have worked so hard for. We, as people, become so caught up in the outcome of success that we lose focus on doing what is right, thus resulting in unhappiness. This is not success.

Success comes at the beginning of your journey, not at the end, and opposing your character to get there will not serve you once your goal has been reached.

So, how successful are you? What defines a successful person?

Simply, it is anyone who is purposely doing something they have chosen to do, a person who is progressively realising that choice for a worthy cause. In order to succeed you must continuously work on your chosen ideal or dream. When you’re aware why you rise each morning and the direction you want to go, for the greater good, then you are already successful. The moment you decide to work towards your chosen goal then the success process starts.

Stop thinking of reasons why you cannot be successful, think objectively of reasons why you can be successful.

This said, successful people are not without problems and worries themselves, but what they have succeeded in, is learning how to solve those worries and problems.

We are all successful if we are striving to do better in the choices we make each day, it comes to us by the very person we want to become.

Learning and self-improvement each day provides nourishment, enabling us to become successful as people. Results in life are directly related to your philosophy; adopt a different mind-set and view of success.

Always remember, by making a worthy choice and acting upon it, you are already a success.

Be the best version of you each and every day, only then will success follow.