Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself

There is no other person in the world better qualified at being you than you. You are unique and have so much potential. Sadly, much of this potential is unexpressed, we tend to disappear into society becoming anonymous, leaving others to break the mould and achieve remarkable things in their lives. Are others just lucky? Handed better opportunities? We witness new heights and successes being reached, hear amazing stories of people beating the odds and achieving what seems to be the impossible. So, why not us?

Well, we are all capable of achieving incredible things in our lives and the first step is by truly believing you can. Life is a journey and when we have self-belief, magical things happen. However, we must accept that mistakes will be made along the way, as of course the path will be fraught with challenges. Everyone makes mistakes and those who say they don’t probably don’t try anything.

So, how do you start believing in yourself? Firstly change your philosophy, be the person you want to be by visualising the outcome you want, change your self-image to one of positivity. We all have a self-image, our imagination is a wonderful thing which you can start to use in a more positive way. Dismiss any reasons why you cannot achieve something and think of the many reason why you can. Be persistent with your new self-image as this demonstrates faith in yourself. Hold a constant positive image of the person you want to become until it becomes habitual. Thinking positively or negatively are habitual ways of thinking, so be mindful of this. With work, you can change your self-image and change your world. Marcus Aurelius one of the most respected Emperors in Roman history once said ‘a man´s life is what his thoughts make of it´.

Our self-image has been built up over a lifetime, formed from our successes and failures and the way people react to us. It is our own perception of the type of person we are. If you perceive yourself as a failure then no amount of positive thinking will work, as it’s not consistent with how you see yourself.

Once you have a consistent healthy self-image you will feel good and be more confident and start to achieve more.

So maybe now is the time to make a choice and take a leap of faith. Work on yourself as you deserve it as much as anyone. Believe you are capable of much more.

Do not concern yourself about making wrong choices, these are learning opportunities that will steer you, correcting you towards your destination. Opportunities are all around us and you´ll be amazed at how they will start to present themselves once you see yourself achieving them.

We are reflections of our thoughts and our thoughts create our daily reality.

If you can change your thoughts, you can change your life.

Start NOW!