How well are you playing The Game of Life?

How well are you playing The Game of Life?

Do you remember playing a board game called “The Game of Life”? A brief outline of the game; it’s a simulation of travels through the latter stages of life, from university to retirement, facing the challenges, twists and turns that life brings along the way.

However, unlike the board game, life is not lived on a quick roll of the dice to determine the outcome. Real life events are very different but we can play the real game of life and give ourselves a better chance of beating the odds.

Have you ever played a game against someone who can never accept losing? Becomes a sulk and resorts to cheating. Whilst others lose gracefully, accept it and look forward to improving the next time around. This is how many people play out their real lives too. 

It’s easy to relish in the enjoyment of your own successes in life, but, it’s equally as important to accept our failings and learn from them, thus improving our lives and the lives of others around us.

I have worked alongside and dealt with successful London bankers, Wall street traders, Investors and Entrepreneurs. Many may perceive these high-powered lucrative careered people to be winning their game of life, but it couldn’t be further from the truth for some of them. Some find themselves too busy trying to make a living and forget to make a life. They have allowed the scales to tip too far in one direction leading to other important areas of their lives becoming neglected such as family, friends and even themselves.

So how do we keep a reasonably balanced life? Firstly, we need to remember what is important to us and to whose benefit our daily efforts are for. There is no point in slaving away at a job for the greater good of your family if it means you don’t get to spend time with them or it becoming detrimental to your health. Over 95% of us depart this world without fulfilling our real desires. Regretful of not spending more time with families due to commitments that seemed so much more important at the time.

Enjoy being in the moment is key, regardless of your commitments as opposed to seeing it as an annoying stepping stone to a perceived happier future. Tomorrow never really comes and before you know it, you’ll look back and realise how much of life’s joys you have missed out on, without even noticing the scales of your life will have slowly tipped against you.

When you are living a balanced life, you are living in harmony with a sense of peace, able to focus on what really matters. You are then winning your game of life. You are starting to understand that you can actually design your own life and allow yourself to be the creator of it. Things can now stop happening to you and start happening for you.

So, discard that dice and determine a balanced outcome that benefits all.